With summer finally upon us, it’s time to bring out the sunscreen and hit the beaches. But before you drive over to your favourite beach for the day, you’ll need to make sure your Audi will be able to get you there easily. With the hot temperatures on the rise, here are a few summer car maintenance tips you should know before hitting the road.

Assess the Coolant System

It’s crucial that your Audi’s coolant system is working properly, as it’s the main component that keeps your car cool while you’re driving. If your car is running hotter than it should be, then adding antifreeze or a specialized coolant should fix things.

And the Air Conditioning Systems

Having a faulty or dead air conditioner in summer won’t make for a comfortable drive. If there’s very little power coming from your air conditioner, even on full blast, then you’ll need to take it to an Audi repair specialist to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Check Your Battery

Your car’s battery is highly vulnerable to heat damage, particularly if you live in a hot climate with scorching summers. It’s much harsher on your vehicle then extreme cold, as the heat can cause the fluids within the battery to evaporate. In turn, this will damage the internal structure of the battery and will shorten its overall lifespan.

Add Car Sunshades

Sitting in a car that’s been out in the sun for hours isn’t the most comfortable experience, especially if your Audi has leather seats. To prevent your legs from being scorched by the heat, park your car in a shaded area like a carport, garage or covered parking structure. Doing so will also prevent UV rays from damaging your paint and interior over time. However, if that’s not an option, then be sure to keep sunshades in your Audi for your front and rear windows. This will keep your car cool and prevent your interior from fading.

Clean the Air Filter

With such a high-performance vehicle, your Audi needs to be properly maintained inside and out to keep it performing at peak levels. To do so, make sure you add cleaning your air filter into your maintenance routine, as it will ensure that your vehicle drives like the luxury car it is. When debris, dust and dirt build up, it clogs the filter, leading to performance problems. A clean filter will also prevent allergens from getting into your car.

Wash Your Car

With summer on the rise, now is the best time to wash off that winter dirt, salt and grime build up. Whether you do it yourself or visit a professional detailing shop, it’s important that you have your Audi shiny and new for the season, especially if you’re looking to show off your sweet ride around town.

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